Motorcycling saved the day

Alright! turns out, this will be my first post for my blogsite. I couldn’t think of something to write that’ll catch anyone’s fancy, but I’ll dig this down as my ice-breaker.

Anyone who has lower-back problem? Come to think of it, here in the Philippines, it’ll be like riding a powerdrill against a concrete slab if you commute from your house to work. And just for a heads up, many pinoys (slang for Filipinos) like to commute even though they’re going to a place that’s just a stone’s throw away.

Anyway, thank goodness God gave me a mechanical horse (looks like a moped, with more jolt and flare) that’ll get you there. Fuel prices are high but with my iron horsey, it’s super fuel efficient (and it’s not gonna kill your back). I would’ve been late for work if not for my sleek YAMAHA X1 and would’nt be good enough to work, because the longer the travel time and those mother-of-potholes ’em public drivers love to run into, your back would be nagging the whole eight working hours. How could I possibly teach my students if I keep minding my lower back. ( By the way, I’m an ESL teacher) I just squeezed through the traffic like butter on a hot pan.

Well, enough of this. I’ll be posting interesting topics in the coming days, God willing. And if anyone there wants to share their commuting escapades, just bring them on here. High fives for the valiant jeepney riders! Just remember, when the going gets tough, breath in and release your tensions with a – WOOOOSAH!


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