Spent my day early as “The Flash”

Good day chaps! I completely forgotten that I’d be taking my cousin to her dormitory this morning. So when my wife woke me up, I berserked! Jumped right out of bed, hit the showers, brushed my teeth, got into comfortable clothes and all of that in less than 10 minutes!
So we left our house at around 7 AM. She’s staying there for three months. (Holy Spirit Dorm., San Sebastian St., Sampaloc, Manila.) She’ll be taking the Nursing Board Exams. (Hopefully, there’ll be no more surprising scandals on examination leakages and no psycho stuff creeping against the validity of the upcoming nursing board examinations. And to the International Health Community, Por Favor! Enough of the paranoia!) We had enough already and it’s killing the image of the Filipino nurses. It would be a shame for the majority of students that are really burning their minds and putting their best to pass the board.

Anyway, I have to take her (my cousin, Rica) there and go back home as quickly as possible because I have to go to work before 2 PM. And you know what, we rode an LPG fuelled cab. Crappy on the outside but pretty descent on the inside. They always say the bad stuff about LPG cabs, like it stinks inside (because it runs on methane), awfully slow, et cetera. But I have to admit, it was good! Pretty fast and the driver wasn’t an a#*hole. So he deserved a tip. So, I took the liberty of riding another one back home. And Voila! I got back home 11:30 AM, bought my kid a Dora DVD and had a great time – me, my son and Dora a.k.a. “the Explorer”.

It was almost a perfect day until i checked my wallet again, and what a surprise: I had spent 500 pesos in just 5 hours of commuting Cavite to Manila, vice versa! Hard earned money down the drain again! If the Greater Manila Area had been included in the mass transportation project of the Philippine Government, this blog would’ve never been created!

So, to the past Presidents and to the incumbent one who just had her State of the Nation Address yesterday, I thank you all for inspiring me in making this blog. But, just to reiterate, no salute has been given to anyone of you, but thanks anyway. Ta-ta!


One thought on “Spent my day early as “The Flash”

  1. Hola! ^^; Your new blog is cool stuff! It looks very neat as well…unlike mine…blague. hahaha. You’re learning fast. ^^; In 3 months you’ll be reaping the fruits of your everyday posts.
    Here are useful websites to check out:


    Member ka ng mga may asterisks muna coz those don’t require blog maturity. Community lang yan ng mga bloggers. ^^;

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