To blog or not to blog

A friend of mine gave me a challenging question yesterday: “Why do you want to open a blog site?” (He doesn’t know operations had already started).

I won’t deny it did wake up my slumbering cerebral cortex. My left hemisphere asked a pragmatic question that required its better half to respond an empirical answer. “Why the hell did I put up this blog?” and “How could this rusty brain o’mine come up with the materials for the posts and everything?”

Well, it all sums up to ‘intent’. I did contemplate and mirrored myself about my intentions, and it seems to me, I just want to have the privilege of having one. Not that I’m blind for not seeing any potential for making an avenue for finances (since some do it for a living) but I don’t focus my lenses on that.

Since blogging is multi-faceted. Like the outlook of men towards religion, Godliness, salvation, relationship to whom they consider as their creator and the way of life their faith has made them walk into. It would be a vital necessity to have the ability to see through men’s intentions. (Now, I’m not talking about blogging anymore) Since the vast diversity of thought has plagued the Earth, we can run it down to the intentions of the founders of faith. Have they really put into consideration the outcome of publicizing their doctrines and teachings? What are their intentions?

It will be a very tedious task to enumerate the periods in history (and up to now) where the founders and enforcers of beliefs, church practices, teachings and doctrine have played a great role in shaping the history of ‘homo sapienity’. But good thing I know a blog site you might check. I still have a rusty brain to fix that needs greasing and tweaking you know!

But going back to my friend’s question, I am just equally glad as any blogger for having an output for thought. Another drain hole in pouring out my frustrations and a transmitter to broadcast my ‘happy pheromones’.

By the way I got to watch the Late Show with David Letterman today. It was hilarious! Especially the segment – ‘Great Moments in Presidential Speeches’. Good job Dave and to your staff. Also to Paul Schaffer and the CBS Orchestra. (Without you guys, G.W.Bush will not seem to be a fella worthwhile
listening to).


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