delays, delays, delays

Early this morning, my wife and I attended a Church gathering. It was an early service that starts 4:00 a.m., Thursdays only. It’s nice to have an early cruise with your better half while the air is fresh and while everything is misty and dewed. We left our child sleeping in his room; curled up in his very peaceful night’s rest (he must be having a good dream).

As usual, the context of the sermon is class-A! Incomparable I say! We felt revitalized, blessed and forgiven. The topic was ‘Why should Christians not associate themselves with the way of the world.” (Non-verbatim) It made me felt more thankful that I didn’t ignore and added this leaf in the pages of my existence when my Maker offered this to me almost 9 years ago. A great deal and it’s for free. Just how can anyone beat that!

I remembered a local song here in the Philippines that the group APO Hiking Society sung during their hay days. And while I was driving my bike to work, I just felt singing it:

“You gave me a reason for my being
and I love what I’m feeling.
You gave me the meaning to my life,
yes I’ve gone beyond existing.
And it all began when I met You.”

(And I dedicate this to the Highest Power in His Majesty Above the heavens.)

Anyway, before I fled to work, we returned to our house just before 6:00 a.m., had a conversation with my mother about my pending job application for a Canadian Company. Turns out my consultancy deferred the original application and transferred it to a new company that I haven’t checked out yet. Oh well, whatever it takes to get there. It seems for most Filipinos, as I’ve observed, heard and felt, if fate would only allow us, we’ll move to another country that would treat us more like human beings.

(I already had a paragraph here that I would’ve dedicated to the ‘fake Jewel in the Palace’ and her cohorts, but I’ll leave the lambasting in another occasion. So, delete.)

Just what does it take before a person in power realizes that he/she has to withdraw his/her position for the betterment of Society? What? You tell me.


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