Kudos! August has arrived!

The power of the ‘Universal Solvent’ again eroded a newly paved portion of the road that the ’17 inch tires of my ambulatory motorized equipment’ has always treaded towards my work habitat. Good work to you guys from the City engineer’s office!
And of course, logic again dictates, another addition of the road hazards we riders again have to face in our daily battles against the evil forces of the merciless pot holes and substandard public road projects.

Taxes! Hard-earned money, down the drain hole again. (Good for us if the drainage system is working right or if there’s really one underneath). So, to my dear friends there in New York City: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Sensei Splinter, you guys are lucky to have working sewerage pipes there in the Big Apple. Hopefully, i shall see you guys soon.

Looking on the bright side, it may not be long until someone here from the Philippines would be invited to ride side by side Valentino Rossi in the MotoGP World Championships for team Yamaha. Since the Filipino riders are getting better each and every time they bring out their bikes to make a run in our public racing/motocross/slalom/enduro designed roads.
But to the responsible & law-abiding members of the riding community, high-fives and pat on the backs for you all. Fine tune yer bikes – Let’s help preserve the environment. Ride swift and safely.


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