karl’s dilemma

This is Me and my Wonder boy.(Take note: I ain’t the Dark Knight)

My goolish goolash! I just checked myself on the mirror and boy what a mess have I made.

Blogging has been my past time and I think this is one caused the extra weight added in me. As a general rule, what you eat and digest and stored if unused, adds up to your body mass.

So to you guys that take long times on your PCs or laptops and don’t work out and burn ’em calories, here are 5 things you can do while blogging.

1. Do crunches while sitting in front of your screen. A Thirty minute work-out can burn up an equivalent of a can of Dr.Pepper’s. Just don’t forget to take deep breathers. No Oxygen, no combustion.

2. Chew unsweetened gum. This kills the craving of your grinders man! And according to the Philippine Dental Assocaition, chewing unsweetened gum may help prevent tooth decay.

3. If you ain’t hungry, don’t eat. If your hungry, eat more greens and fruits. For best results, eat fruits and veggies only.

4. If you can afford, get the Power Juicer (I wish HSN will advertise in my blog ^^,). You get more live enzymes, more vitamins and minerals with fiber that you need to flush out toxins and nasty stuff (no need to eat a shirt or pillow-case anymore) from your favorite fruit and veggie.

5. Rice turns into sugar. Less rice, less weight. (an answer for the asian rice crisis) I hope NFA could advertise here as well.
Most of all, have an outdoor life. Blogging and outdoor living can co-exist. No counter-side effect has been reported. (so far)


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