Television like no other

a href=””>The boob tube has and probably will never cease its influence on the general viewing public. When free channel has added more in its arsenal – the UHF stations! While most families are now being more practical (since there’s the ‘Rice Crisis’ and plus more!) budget conscious folks would rather use their hard-earned money to buy food and family necessities, rather than pay for cable T.V. services.

The Sad Part

I’d hate to admit, but the creativity factor in the Philippine T.V. industry is in a very miserable state. How’d you like to waste your time on a brunch time T.V. show that features local celebrities doing parlor games on T.V.? It’s embarrassing! And the worst part of it – that variety show from hell has a viewership! Talk about bad taste. As in big time! How about showbiz talk shows; forget it! I keep on asking myself: “How’d these non-sensible shows ever made it on the air?”

Some seek refuge on other stuff. Foreign materials. Koreanovelas, American TV shows, Japanese anime, et cetera. As long as we don’t have the think-tanks available, or produce ’em, quality-wise, we’ll be foster parents of these alien stuff. My brother even named QTv as the ‘Korean Channel’ and CS/RPN as the ‘American Channel’. I’m a patriot but don’t get me wrong. I would rather prefer watching Channel 9 stuff rather than the corny ‘trip to Jersusalem-pin the donkey’ oriented shows in the ‘giant stations’.

Anyway, here is my Top 10 list of cool and worthwhile local T.V. shows (some alive, some aren’t aired anymore. I wish they’d revive these shows) Stuff you may consider – ‘Television like no other’

1. Ang Dating Daan/Itanong Mo kay Soriano – The Old Path/Ask Soriano (UNTV 37-The best and Still running.) 8)
2. Public Forum (GMA 7- R.I.P.)
3. Totoo TV (ABC 5 – R.I.P.)
4. Strangebrew (UNTV 37 – R.I.P)
5. Bahala si Bitag Best Reality Show for 2008
6. The Probe team (GMA 7)
7. Debate: With Mare at Pare (GMA 7 R.I.P.)
8. Ang TV (Children’s/Comedy ABS-CBN 2 R.I.P.)
9. Batibot (Children’s Show RPN 9 R.I.P.)
10. Camera Cafe (Qtv11)



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