Sleepless in Seattle

My baby woke me up early today. It’s such a beautiful day, sunny and warm. We had a morning walk, me and my kid, said hello to the neighbors and their dogs.

I didn’t watch the news on TV ‘cause it may ruin my perfect morning. After coming back from our neighborhood hike, I got my CD jacket, scanned through my DVD collection, and what do you know, one of my favorites: Sleepless in Seattle. But my Eli disagreed and preferred his favorite – Barney and Friends. I thought of imposing my fatherly authority but his pleasure is mine as well. I and my wife just sat on the sideline and watched our son enjoy his bottle of milk together with his Barney breakfast.

After 45 minutes

Many people use the TV set as their relaxation tool and my Eli does that too. He fell asleep before Barney and the kids sang the ‘I love you song’. And at last, the time is ours! My wife took our son to his bed while I prepare the movie, and we watched it like as if we are a new couple.

This may not be the best romantic movie but this would be among the best. And besides, who wouldn’t love Tom Hanks and the adorable Meg Ryan. An excellent casting in a great story. One of the hits of 1993.

Starring: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Bill Pullman, Rosie O’Donnell,
Gaby Hoffmann, Victor Garber, Rita Wilson, David Hyde Pierce,
Dana Ivey, Rob Reiner
Director: Nora Ephron
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Rating:8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle

  1. I agree this was a good movie but I don’t often find guys liking it. 🙂 I love this movie. I like it much better than the movie that inspired it, An Affair to Remember, which I thought was rather overrated.

  2. Dear Karen,

    I appreciate you dropping by my blog. Indeed, this movie was better than its predecessor and you’re right again, this is a chick flick and its its rare to find a guy like me to be enjoying a romance movie. But what the heck ^^, What matters is I feel happy after watching this movie. Cheerio!

    – Karl Lim
    Manila, Phillippines

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