a href=””>I watched a DVD concert of Incubus: Live at Red Rocks. It was a good one.

I remembered when I was still a kid; we formed a band in our college. Oh I tell you, we did a lot of covers from rage against the machine and other popular rock bands, and we were miserable! Big time! But it was fun! It’s such a shame when you can’t find an able man to do the vocals for the materials and the money to fund the group. I myself, being the guitarist, don’t have my own electric guitar and effects. We don’t have a drum set or amps even. We survived by borrowing from our friends who have the equipment but don’t have a band. Odd, if you think about it.

As I clearly remember, just hearing the “wah-wah-chucka-wah-wah-chucka-chucka-chucka…” Tom Morello’s guitar (using a wah pedal) riff for the intro on Bulls on Parade, I can’t help but dance while doing the riff and jump high when I hear: “Quit it now!” –Zack dela Rocha’s powerful entry in the song.

I still haven’t discovered my music back then. I just simply enjoyed other’s music.

An Essay

Music really is a driving force in one’s life. Music is the language of the soul. One may communicate his or her emotions more effectively through the charisma of notes. By the melodies that are driven by our never ending passion for love, happiness, contentment, freedom or independence, kinship and the many things that spoken or written words cannot express any more.

Music inspires. Music brings out the best praises we can offer to our Maker. His benevolence gave us the talent to create, appreciate and the happiness when our heart hears someone else’s sings. A baby’s tender cooing is music to a loving parent’s ear. Like my child’s laughter washes away stress built up by the day’s torments. The warm caress from the hands of the one you love brings about a symphony that engulfs your senses, powerful tides crashing against the granite walls of your being, penetrating deep within.

Nature brings out the best symphonies no human orchestra can emulate. It’s sad our road to modernization lead to wild-life and human destruction. The world resources are enough to feed all its inhabitants, but sad to know, not enough for man’s greed. Human vices had led many to perdition and still are enticing more with its death sonata. While the devil plays his requiem for mass destruction, how about we play a different tune?

Requiem by. W.A.Mozart


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