To my Son

To my Eli Boy,

My son, you are everything to me. You are one of the the best gifts I have received from the Almighty.
These eyes will never forget the first time it laid eyes on your beautiful face, so fragile, divine, and innocent. This man was made gentle the first time these arms held you. Your many firsts are etched deep in this mind.

How exuberant this heart was when it marveled your first steps and heard your first words. These eyes shed tears of joy when these ears heard you call out Papa. This loving father is very excited to see you tie your own shoe laces. He prays for your health and success. You don’t know but you taught this coward about true courage, temperance, and meekness. This man promises you that he will do everything in his power to provide you with everything you need, with God’s help. If this man could only stop the elements from doing you any harm neither any being to lay a scratch on your skin, this man will consume all his strength up to the last drop of blood to put you miles away from harm.

But he is also bounded by his own weaknesses. That is why he fervently prays to the Lord. So the father will always grant his divine mercy to you and this family in his auspices. In tears this man always begs to the Most High for your well-being. Because he looks forward to watching you grow-up into a fine man, far better than he is. Even though this lowly man may not endure until you reach my age, but the happiness you brought into his life is enough to last into everlasting.

He loves you very much. You will forever remain as one of the most endeared, most treasured and one of the most important dwellers in side this heart. I love you very much my Son. May the Lord be with you, always?



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