Me Oh My!

My Eli will be a year and 7 month old happy toddler tomorrow. Adding more quality mileage for my son’s human odometer, he’s learning many things and still learning more. And oh boy, they really grow fast!

I made a realization and reminisced my wonder years. I was a talkative kid that had endless questions and never gets satisfied with the grown-up’s responses. And that is what exactly my kid is doing right now. In the 80’s, Sesame Street is the only show that anyone can see on our home TV. Now, in the new Millennium, a new king arises and dethrones me. He now owns the TV set, and the only show on it is Barney and friends. (You’ll have to wait until he sleeps, then you can have the TV). As a fact in history, no human being led an empire that hasn’t been dethroned. No earthly empire has lasted the conquest of time. A beginning of a new kingdom marked the end of another. And this vicious cycle goes on. No amount of fortification can do.

Last Sunday’s Surprises

My wife and I were looking for an investment in real estates, a descent piece of land and a sturdy house on it that we’ll call home. We thought of budgeting everything out, set the plans, qualified our needs and calculated the monthly utilities. It was a good plan since we don’t need a mortgage or a loan to set sail this one. (Eat your hearts out loan sharks!) Just as when this boat of calculations, figures, hopes and dreams is set to sail, a new shape emerges. We were absolutely bewildered by the sheer fact that we are in dire need to reckon this very wonderful and majestic creation of the Maker of the Heavens and Earth – my wife is bearing our second child. Her period’s a month late. No wonder she’s been acting weird this couple of days. Me Oh My! Eli’s going to be a big brother; we’ll be having another source of joy and our parents for sure are going to be surprised when we herald them the news.

So again, we face another big challenge – a noble obligation granted to us of rearing a person’s life here on Earth. My wife’s hoping it’ll be a baby girl this time. We had reserved a Japanese name for a future daughter – Aoi Sakura, just by saying it makes you feel good. But then, we still don’t know if the life in her bosom is indeed estrogen or androgen driven. Of course, we’ll have to go through the initials again – morning sickness, food cravings and the many weird stuff pregnant women go into in their first three months of pregnancy – a very crucial time for both mother and baby.

So to all the Mom’s to be out there, have a folate rich diet, it’s for baby’s brain development; iron for enriching the oxygen supply for both mom and baby; calcium for bone development, and more…(I wish I was a nutritionist). Dads out there, our wives and our babies need us most. Don’t be hard-headed, our wives ‘mood swings are perfectly normal. Let’s buy them vitamin and mineral rich fruits and greens and stay out of pollution. Only a stupid-imbecile-dullard-dumb-idiot would smoke tobacco while pregnant or with a pregnant or is within an area with pregnant women. So smokers – use your heads. Comprende?


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