wall-E,Eve,books and it’s a Friday

a href=”https://ihatecommuting.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/wall-e-and-eve1.jpg”>Wall-e
Last Friday was a company holiday so we seized the day with some team building activities. And we watched Wall-E. This movie made a very good impression on me. A romantic story of two micro-chip driven bots and a story line with the sapidity of the green revolution packed with humor and very child friendly. Indeed, a wake-up call for us to look beyond the financial success of Globalization versus the environment; a time for us to re-think the ‘inconvenient truth’.

I arrived 3pm at the Alabang Town Center and had an hour reading books inside Powerbooks. I was anxious to take a peek inside the book our boss recommended us to read – First, break all the rules. They were all sold out so I read some John C. Maxwell materials. I’m really hungry for some literature since it was a long one since I had time reading a book. I like books that open your senses; books that dilates your views and tickle your interest; books that frenzies your self to think and to think more. Sadly, an hour is not enough to satisfy my reading cravings but I have to go to the cinemas, 4pm was our call time. And I didn’t have enough money with me either so I can buy the book that I was reading – the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. Why can’t they sell these good books cheap?<

Among the many woes among Filipinos is education. In this time of commercialization, it’s hard to find a beneficial item that we can use for self development that is free. Tuition is high and the cost of living’s just isn’t pocket friendly. With the 12%+ inflation rate, where can you get the money to sustain your needed education? The necessities that you buy now may cost more the next day. Books for an example are very high priced commodities. You can find cheap ones from book sales and tiny book shops that sell previously owned books. But a few can only avail on these. These books sell like hot pancakes in the book stalls of C.M.Recto, Booksale and the other small book shops. The leftovers are just novels and magazines.

I wish there’s someone in the government that can make a difference and make positive outputs like putting up of libraries accessible for the general reading public. If books can get you anywhere, books can put a nation in a good place in the global scene. How about some allocation to establish these mind-enhancement facilities? How about some sense?

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