The Pursuit of Happyness

Since father hood came to my being and now, I’m expecting my second child sometime April of next year, I can’t evade this fact that I’m adding in gravity to my already existing responsibility. I keep on thinking of better means to improve my family’s condition. I’m supposed to be leaving for Canada to work there, hoping that the grass is greener and the pasture fatter to make us more financially capable. Unexpectedly, some technicalities had risen that sort of prevented me from going there, yet.

I was psyching up for these past days and I’m trying to search inside me, assessing my capabilities, going on some options and determining the possible scenarios that might happen within this intense period of family life. I’ve exhausted my mind and I thank God I came up with some plans that might work…should work. I’d like to share these plans but I’d rather not. It’s hard to count the chicks when the eggs haven’t been laid yet. But maybe I may be of help to give you an extra boost of inspiration.

This is the story of Chris Gardner. A salesman turned stock broker to being a founder of a million-dollar brokerage firm in San Francisco, California. Surpassed hardship, gained financial success – a prime example of determination and faith. As portrayed by the great Will Smith, this story will blow your mind. I guess things might change a bit if you see this film, and a better perspective might open up for you as well, in terms of finding the right attitude in our pursuit of making our dreams reality, for our loved ones to have a better life.

After seeing this film, my love for my wife and for my Son grew more. One of the lines that struck me in this movie is: “…don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it…if you have a dream, you have to defend it… “

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