images Okay, it’s been five months and it has been a truly long blogging vacation for me. And yes, in my pursuit of continuing what had began several months ago – here I am now with another post.

Calgary,Alberta, Canada

Two months had past since I left the Philippines (and by the way, last year I made a post about my wife being pregnant again…guess what: We have a daughter now!) and I’m aching to see, kiss and hold in my arms the people I long for: my wife Agnes and my two kids again. Janel Summer M. LimFountains of Joy Many have written documentaries and filmed about how people moving to a different country in search for better means of income, sacrificing precious moments with their loved ones and not minding the torture that is happening within them because of the terrible fact that oceans, territories, laws and money stand in their way for them to be together with their own family…to be in one room eating and talking and having a great time together. I myself had missed a lot of those precious and wonderful moments a father experiences with his children. I was told by my wife how my Janel giggles when her brother jumps and makes faces. It’s just two months and it feels like it’s been years already.
If I can just simply go back home I would…but it’s not a simple thing to do. Complicated and surrounded with complexities that makes a lot of complications will be the result if I back out now. If you need me to expound on this, forget it. It’s complicated I tell you.
I just hope my seasonal depressive emotions won’t play to its tune. It’s so dreadful just how winter doubles its effects like Vitamin C with Vitamin E (both becomes more potent when combined).winter_depression When I was in college I always feel sad in December. And I was always thinking why I felt depressed when there’s no apparent reason. Is it the cold air or what? I ask myself. And later on I discovered while reading a medical journal that there is such a this as ‘Seasonal affective disorder’. blues
Although I ain’t diagnosed with SAD, I do feel sadness during the latter months of the year. But what the heck…I can still do something about it I guess. Maybe I’ll try to learn hockey…err…ice skate first, hehehe ^^ And besides, I know that the Father above is keeping a close eye and will be there always in times I need help. I guess having constant communication with my loved ones would ease the sadness. And the faith that God’s will and love will bind us even though how vast the distance maybe. That my wife and my two kids are with me and always be…inside this heart they dwell indeed.

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