Dampa (Tagalog)

Dampa, rubberband, goma,  filipino games
Dampa, rubberband, goma, filipino games

Back when electronic devices weren't common, we as kids had made bounds and leaps to make past time - fun time. Back in the Philippines, during the late 80's and early 90's, the rubber band - yes that stretchy-came-in-many-colors thing that bundled string beans, okra and petchay (bokchoy here in North America) from the wet-market and tediously gathered and saved and revered by our youths like rarities of 'black pearls' from the pristine southern Philippine seas. You are considered 'cool' if you can make a 'double-star' pattern from a single rubber-band. I had so much that I made a 2 metre braided rubber band. I probably had a thousand pieces bundled and color-coded to make this elastic rainbow of rubber smelling whip of delight. So simple yet the fun from it can't be described as simple. So cheap but to the enthusiasts - valuable.  Do you miss your 'goma'?    

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