Me Oh My!

My Eli will be a year and 7 month old happy toddler tomorrow. Adding more quality mileage for my son’s human odometer, he’s learning many things and still learning more. And oh boy, they really grow fast! I made a realization and reminisced my wonder years. I was a talkative kid that had endless questions […]

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To my Son

To my Eli Boy, My son, you are everything to me. You are one of the the best gifts I have received from the Almighty. These eyes will never forget the first time it laid eyes on your beautiful face, so fragile, divine, and innocent. This man was made gentle the first time these arms […]

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Sleepless in Seattle

My baby woke me up early today. It’s such a beautiful day, sunny and warm. We had a morning walk, me and my kid, said hello to the neighbors and their dogs. I didn’t watch the news on TV ‘cause it may ruin my perfect morning. After coming back from our neighborhood hike, I got […]

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karl’s dilemma

This is Me and my Wonder boy.(Take note: I ain’t the Dark Knight) My goolish goolash! I just checked myself on the mirror and boy what a mess have I made. Blogging has been my past time and I think this is one caused the extra weight added in me. As a general rule, what […]

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Kudos! August has arrived! The power of the ‘Universal Solvent’ again eroded a newly paved portion of the road that the ’17 inch tires of my ambulatory motorized equipment’ has always treaded towards my work habitat. Good work to you guys from the City engineer’s office! And of course, logic again dictates, another addition of […]

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delays, delays, delays

Early this morning, my wife and I attended a Church gathering. It was an early service that starts 4:00 a.m., Thursdays only. It’s nice to have an early cruise with your better half while the air is fresh and while everything is misty and dewed. We left our child sleeping in his room; curled up […]

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