Math is an ‘Exact’ Science

I was on my way home last night and a terrible thing happened; I ran out of gas! 17 kilometers away from home, in a precarious area notorious for robberies and bad stuff, I was preparing for hand to hand combat. Thank God nothing bad happened. I made a terrible mistake of not filling in gas when I left work because I felt I still have enough to get back home. “You can’t always rely on gut feelings boy” my father says all the time.

I texted a brother and he came to the rescue with a gallon of premium gasoline. And he was on his bicycle albeit at 12:00 midnight. Indeed “a brother loveth at all times…” -King Solomon, Proverbs 17:17

I poured in the gasoline into the fuel reservoir, reddish and odious (it’s been a long time since I smelt premium gasoline because ever since my heart belonged to the unleaded) and after a few seconds, my iron horse neighed with might. I left the place with a skid mark to serve as a shout out – Karl was apprehensively here!

I arrive home safe and sound, my wife in wait, sitting in solemnity by the table that we eat our daily bread. It’s such a relief that I always get home in one piece. In the chaos of the day, the dangers a’ lurk, I can depend on the strongest but the most gentle and caring hands – the One you can seek refuge – the hands of the Creator.

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One thought on “Math is an ‘Exact’ Science

  1. and since we are you brothers and sisters, Team Rio won’t lament the loss of our team building fund. hahaha. Thanks for the great time yesterday.

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