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I remember, during the first pregnancy of my wife, she had a craving for watching Japanese anime especially One Piece & Naruto. Now in her second, she again has this hunger to have Uzumaki Naruto on her viewing schedule. She woke me up early today, asking if I could go out and buy her vitamins, some toiletries and a Naruto DVD.

So I did. We haven’t seen yet the ending of the ‘Rescue Gaara’ saga when the Konoha and Suna shinobis were tracking down the location of two Akatsuki members – Sasori and Deidara, who kidnapped the Sand’s Kazekage (which is Gaara), a jinchuriki like Naruto, who possesses inside him a biju. Which along the mid-part of the saga, Akatsuki has extracted Shukaku (one tailed tanuki) from Gaara, causing his death. Naruto, (also a jinchuriki, has kyuubi (nine-tailed fox) inside him) even though one of Akatsuki’s targets, Tsunade, makes a daring move by including Naruto as one of the members of the retrieval team headed by the former ANBU captain Kakashi Hatake in rescuing the Sands beloved leader.<

So again, we’re about to continue the drama and enjoy the humor of this masterpiece. I hope I could make posts on our Naruto escapades. I hope you could share yours too.

3 thoughts on “Naruto!!!

    1. Thanks my friend. Well, the saga still continues and we are all drooling to see the finality of this epic. Cheers!

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